Mindfulness Meditation Learning Map, Step by Step

Mindfulness Meditation Learning Map —Step by Step

Pre-word: This learning map is from my book: O Beloved: Being, Becoming and Beyond

1. Foundational Discipline— Knowing

  • Basic self-inquiry and foundational learning
  • Equanimity and Equipoise
  • Models of mind and distraction management
  • Understand the role of concentration vs. mindfulness
  • Compose a mental torch— intention, attention, and awareness
  • Choose breath as an object of meditation
  • Cultivate discriminative awareness between objects and the field of awareness
  • Cultivate mindfulness of physical sensations, mental activity, and feelings
  • Realization of the ego as a non-entity and psychological complex

2. Develop Discipline into Deep Learning —Getting Established

  • Establish strong discipline and practice
  • Cultivate a discriminative awareness between forms and formlessness
  • Cultivate self-awareness by developing a sense of knowing oneself. It can also be called self-remembering
  • Cultivate clear comprehension of the unconditional nature of “self”
  • Learn to come out of deep mental states back to normal, during meditation

3. Transform Learning into a Lifestyle— Mindful Living

  • Cultivate mindfulness of dynamic activities, out of meditation room
  • Tailor social engagement philosophy/ model for yourself while being mindful
  • Cultivate generosity, loving-kindness, and compassion qualities
  • Cultivate mindfulness quality as a lifestyle

4. Moving Beyond Mindfulness— Keep Moving On and On

  • Move beyond the milestones
  • Inner connectedness and surrender to existence
  • Living existentially as an experience instead of the experiencer



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