Tips And Techniques Of Raj Yoga

Essentials of Raj-Yoga as it is

Essentials of Raj-Yoga as it is

Raj Yoga is a systematically organized path of yoga. Its Purpose is clearly laid out in terms of removal of suffering and at the same time allows for direct experience of our fundamental nature. As a result Human being lives a joyful and meaningful life.

This system is deeply philosophical and prBlog1)actical at the same time, which makes it a rational and result-oriented roadmap for a yogi or meditator.

The purpose of this Blog is to enhance the understanding of this system of yoga. This will be achieved by critically examining Raj-Yoga with an unbiased attitude based on Sage Patanjali’s explanation of it. Thereupon, establish its practical application in daily life.

It is not a surprise that it can be called as handbook of yoga practitioners, thus it becomes supremely important to understand the fundamentals and foundational concepts. The entire Patanjali Yog Sutras book is organized in four parts, namely as:

  1. Samadhi Pad
  2. Sadhana Pad
  3. Vibhuti Pad
  4. Kaivalya Pad

However, there are several essential concepts in each chapter which are to be understood fully to be applied in practice.

How is this Blog organized?

This blog will pick up essential concepts in above mentioned four chapters and will elaborate their meaning and usage in very crisp and clear manner. Precise references will be provided for each concept.

Who will be benefitted by it?

This blog is intended to benefit anyone interested in self-enquiry or practicing yoga either beginner or as an advance level meditator.

How this blog is different from the books floating in the market?

Most of the books in the market are commentaries or translations given verse by verse on each chapter. These books provide a great theoretical end to end commentary of Raj Yoga.

However, the purpose of this blog is to pick up essential concepts and go into deep understanding of them from practical standpoint. Here practical application is the center point and theory of essential components is arranged around it.

Secondly, this blog will keep the concept of modern man and current challenges in front to understand that how Raj Yoga can be helpful in eradication of modern-day issues.


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