Shunya Pragya

Life Together – We live in one existence, and there are no spare parts

Can you create a gap in existence? Can you possibly live unconnected in this world? Can colors be seen without the seer? Can you perceive anything without sensing the other?

Every breath we take links us with trees. Every drop of water we drink links us to the rivers. And, every step we move links us to earth. Our entire existence is in deep relation to one another, and isolation is impossible.

Even after tremendous technological advancement, it is nearly impossible to create a perfect vacuum at a very physical level; forget other dimensions of existence. Just think of an elementary school experiment demonstrated by kids with a regular straw. Sip water through it and hold it from the sipping end with your fingers. You may think that due to gravity, water should flow down from the open side, and then if you hold it from the open side, there will be a gap created inside the straw. But, it does not happen because the water will not flow down due to the pressure created, because the pressure becomes more powerful than gravity, and it stops the water from flowing down until you are holding it. The moment you release your grip, gravity becomes more powerful, and the water will run out of the straw, and air will be filled from the other side.

Did you notice what just happened? The physical laws became alternatively powerful not to allow the vacuum to be created. It appears that there is higher intelligence in existence, which regulates the role of secondary physical laws like gravity and pressure to favor the primary law of Oneness; in other words, existence abhors a vacuum. This can be seen in day-to-day experiences in many other modifications of existence. Isn’t it magical to realize that existence manifests into unique forms, as diverse as possible but still retains “interdependence” as a foundational reality? It does not create clones or replicas for its finished products; even twins grow as different individuals. As if uniqueness is its way to respect every being and at the same time makes us interdependent to cherish oneness. No being is created as a spare part in existence; all are its primary expressions.

On the contrary, we try hard for sameness and equality and still live divided. We have mechanical designs to create sameness in machines, utilities, languages, religions, trade, and treaties for commonality, but still, there is a tremendous rift between us. For example, in families, we speak the same language, eat the same food, and so on. But, a painful break-up still happens. Why?

We are also offspring of vast existence; still, we are incapable of living by this fundamental reality of Oneness, and somehow managing to live through gaps. Why is this sense of Oneness, not a natural way of our living? Where are we missing the link? What is the reason for this global power outage under which we fail to see our togetherness? There must be something we have done to ourselves, which has kicked the oneness in our blind spot.

Let’s think upon it; how can we embrace the uniqueness and diversity of each one of us and still fundamentally live as One humanity? Shouldn’t we reflect upon and explore existential design?

Human beings have indeed changed the face of this planet more than any other species; we’ve proved to be most intelligent among all. Also, it is equally valid that human beings live with the fear of other human beings the most and have been the most devastating to each other; thus, we’ve proved to be the most stupid species among all. It appears, deep down in our social psychology, we have repeatedly rooted an idea of comparison, separation, and nurtured selfishness. Therefore, like a wise farmer who sprays fertilizer and uproots weeds in the same season, we need to enhance our intelligence and weed out the stupidity of selfishness in our lifespan.

Our best guide is this vast and unified existence itself. We need to learn its functioning of unity in diversity at a deeper level. Can we mimic existential design to create a culture of One humanity as a fundamental law, and other rules of nations, religions, economy, and so on takes secondary roles? Similar to the elementary school experiment explained earlier.

In this poem, a simple yet deep meaning of togetherness is elaborated, like the waves are born out of the ocean, and fall back in the ocean. They exist without separation. It is not a hypothesis but an all- pervading intelligence that can see the whole in parts. Existence works through balancing the forces based on togetherness only.
A being who values a part in the whole and realizes the function of the whole in part attains to supreme wisdom.

Shunya Pragya

Shunya Pragya is a lifelong meditator, poet, and philosopher. With an intense curiosity, he has explored and practiced several forms of yoga and meditative techniques.

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