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Shunya (author’s pen name, meaning empty) is deeply curious about the nature of reality underlying our body and mind framework. And, since his school days, he started exploring various philosophies and teachers with intense curiosity. Over time, he practiced several forms of yogic-meditative techniques, learned Raj-Yoga and Vipassana (Mindfulness meditation) which he loves to share with other curious souls along with his personal learnings in simple and direct ways.

In this book, he has presented a detailed perspective about Philosophy of meditation, a meditator’s mindset, and finally provided a learning map of Mindfulness in four crisp and clear steps.

His entire work is humbly dedicated to all human beings irrespective of their religious, economic, cultural, or national backgrounds.

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Endorsements and Reviews

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“Reading this book brings you to your essential nature, consciousness itself, and releases your highest wish—to vacate the mind’s control. Shunya’s use of verse and prose is a perfect medium for this transformational journey. His poetry shifts precisely through a myriad spectrum of language to convey the concise poetic expression of the essential truth of our Being and inspires the process of becoming That which takes us beyond our human mental conditions. The culmination of this book brings the reader to the highest dimension that Shunya calls emptiness, which is also the meaning of his pen name. His writings bring you—the reader, directly to the mindful awareness of one’s eternal presence, which you already are, have always been, and always will be. I highly recommend you read this book and keep it close by for daily reflection.”

  Sherrie Wade (Shree), Meditation Teacher, Author, and Director of Transformation Meditation Online Institute

“In our current societal predicament, entropy seems to have gained a disturbing upper hand consistent with W.B. Yeats’s “The Second Coming.” To these extreme challenges comes Shunya’s O Beloved. As an exploration of the lattice structures girding society, religion, business, healthcare, and even nations and their respective prescribed, pre-ordained solutions to temper life’s ferment, Shunya reveals through Eastern anecdotes, poetic reflection and meditative insight the feasibility of self-revelation, gnosis, and renewal. Sourcing Buddha, Jung, Heraclitus, Lao Tzu, and Einstein, one encounters metaphorical inflections and a sincere distillation of the method to seek solace within and achieve inner peace. This sagacious work, perennial in scope, acknowledges our common humanity throughout history.”

      Dr. JG Roberts, MD Surgical Phronesis, Inc.

“This book is studded with gems of timeless wisdom and enriched by the author’s own deep reflections. The weaving of artwork, poetry, and prose makes this a unique and enchanting book for the seekers on the path of self-inquiry.”

Imam Jamal Rahman, author of “Spiritual Gems of Islam.”

“Shunya has created a masterwork with his manuscript: O Beloved: Being, Becoming, and Beyond. He has drawn on his experience and familiarity with Eastern and Western cultures by blending the wisdom and spirituality of the former with the disciplined framework and practicality of the latter. He conveys confidence that living mindfully, fully aware of the moment is possible for everyone who is truly ready, and committed to discovering their true self. His poetry has been most effective by forcing me to slow down, open my heart and mind to his messages, and viscerally begin to experience the reality, joy, and grace of every moment. With that attraction, Rajesh presents practical, helpful steps for transitioning slowly, methodically, and patiently toward mastery of the building block practices of Breathing Exercises, Meditation Techniques, and a Mindfulness Lifestyle. The “how-to” steps for mastering these practices have given me the roadmap I need to make this spiritual turning a priority in my daily life.”

John Hale, CEO Call of Compassion NW

“In this remarkable and rare book on self-inquiry, Shunya has carefully blended the Ancient wisdom, Modern day thinking, Art and Practical techniques to compose a rare jewel for the inquisitive souls. This book carries a powerful potential to help in the life-transforming investigation into the fundamental nature of human experience. It uncovers the unknown yet ever-present nature of our existential being by cultivating penetrating insights and simultaneously removing the conditionality, which causes the ignorance about our true “Self.” This book unveils the DNA of a meditator’s mindset without the baggage of esoteric language and provides the techniques with the right level of depth and simplicity. This book is a vital gift for our times.”

 Dr. I S Rai, President, Universal Brotherhood Mission, USA

“I have come across O Beloved, at a time when I had embarked on a journey to have clarity on my meaning in life and the purpose of my life. First, Shunya has taken a complex, deep, and broad subject of the existence of human being, and wonderfully portrayed its various dimensions on both existential and physical levels. Difficult concepts are made clear via simple, easy to relate real-life scenarios, that makes it a breeze to read the book. This book serves as a great tool to understand our existence, decipher our daily struggles, and help serve as a backdrop to explore more into the inner causes of our worries about how to live. I am more fulfilling, aware of life filled with consciousness.  I would consider myself an absolute beginner in understanding the nature of human being and philosophy per se, but the content is laid out so meticulously. The content presented via introductions and poems makes it an easy read as well. Added with the bonus content around meditations, this is a good all-rounder introduction that helps the reader get into the practice of living a balanced life.”

Aromal Rajagopal, Group CEO Caramatec Group of Companies

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