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Stressed or Relaxed?

Stressed or Relaxed?

 Our day to day experience can be classified in three states of consciousness: Waking, Sleep, and Dream. And, we end up living our entire lifespan day by day at a very superficial level of these three states.

The experiences in these states directly impact the quality of life which is dependent on our lifestyle. This is extremely relevant to think upon in current times. Why? The speed of changes in social, economic, communication systems is influencing the way we live everyday life much faster than our ability to adapt and respond. This has created immense disruption in human culture. While awake people are partially sleeping, in sleep people are partially awake and dreams are replay of half-sleep and half-awake state of consciousness.

As a result, we are living out of focus and in imbalanced state of mind.  Just because it is large scale, it is socially acceptable.

What is the outcome of this imbalance? Nowadays a common word gaining more popularity in market is called “stress.” It is a socially accepted and carefully created disease by our lifestyle. And, it gives birth to many bad children, such as diabetes, hypertension, migraine, asthma, ulcers, digestive disorders and various skin diseases. These notorious diseases significantly influence our behaviors and actions in a negative way, therefore deteriorate the quality of our life.

This downfall simply drains out our happiness and fills up tension in our thoughts, emotions and physical body. If this has gone beyond our control, then we would need medical cure due to breakdown.

But we know that Self-care is better than cure. The question is not about this knowledge, the question is “How?”

We know that, we have physical-mental-emotional issues in terms of physical imbalances, success, failures, hate, jealousy, confusion, ambitions and so on. And, mostly happens in waking state of mind.

How to escape this burden of waking state?

Nature has given us ability to sleep but unfortunately, we have disrupted ourselves so much that sleep is becoming unnatural at a wider scale and needs support of medication.

Therefore, state of natural relaxation has become a “need” of current times which can heal and re-charge our psycho-somatic tensed body.

This information will be most useful if this state of relaxation can be learnt and brought upon voluntarily.

Is it possible? Yes, ancient Indian Yogis formulated techniques of psychic sleep commonly called as “Yoga-Nidra” which can be used to bring state of complete relaxation in body and mind.

Was Relaxation their sole purpose? NO, it is much more than relaxation.

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