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O Beloved Reader- Being, Becoming and Beyond

O Beloved Reader- Being, Becoming and Beyond

Pre-word: A Poem for the readers of

Book : Being, Becoming and Beyond

O Beloved Reader,

In this world of countless complexions

Don’t you desire your original reflection?


Here is a book that is your tool,

But before you read it, know some of the rules.


Sip before you drink and taste before you eat,

Don’t be in a hurry to gulp, as this is your lover’s treat.


Read aloud from your mouth and listen from your ears,

With an alert mind, a receptive heart and face full of cheers.


Read it slow and let it flow,

in the soil of your heart, let it grow.


There are twenty-one seeds with germs of wisdom,

Countless would-be the flowers, blooming out of them.


Spraying on you, the sweet perfume of love,

thus silently, snug inside you, like a hand in a glove.


It is informational, and it is aspirational,

It is emotional, and it is sensational.


Somewhere it is deep, and somewhere it is high,

Somewhere it is juicy, and somewhere it is dry.


Just like your life, it has many flavors,

But unless you work upon it, it won’t do any favors.


Though the intent is to simplify,

the wisdom of sages into a lullaby.


But you need to consume it, and you need to apply,

No magic! But your own steps will raise the ladder in the sky.


Read wholeheartedly and reflect,

and, use “your” reasoning to connect.


Remember always, no work of words can be invigorating,

Words are only pointers; your own experience is liberating.


From the pen of an ordinary being,

It is written with a sincere heart and deep thinking.


To open the doors of “existential kingdom,

“O Beloved, it is a gift to you, out of my love, and out my wisdom.